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Basalt Fiber Multiaxial Fabric

Basalt-fiber Multiaxial Fabric is produced from high strength basalt fiber with special formula, which can be classified into biaxial fabric and multiaxial fabric. These are widely applied to wind energy, boats, automobiles, express trains, sport goods, buildings.etc


Low weight and easiness to operate

High tensile strength and high modulus

Soft surface and easiness to cut

Excellent compatible with epoxy resin

Environment friendly and pollution-free

Basalt Fiber Multiaxial Fabric
Specification  Mass(g/m2)
Compatible Resin
0° Roving Direction 90° Roving Direction +45° Roving Direction -45° Roving Direction Chooped Strand
B-LT400 200 200 UP or EP
B-LT500 250 250 UP or EP
B-LT600 300 300 UP or EP
B-LT800 400 400 UP or EP
B-DB300 150 150 UP or EP
B-DB400 200 200 UP or EP
B-QX800 200 200 198 198 UP or EP

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