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Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat

CFM is made of E glass, which was randomly oriented with continuous strands. The CFM was equipped with a sizing of coupling agent that is compatible with UP, Vinyl ester and epoxy resins.etc. Continuous strands guarantee the stable & excellent mechanical property. 


Stable & different LOI guarantee various application in pultrusion, RTM, SRIM, compression, Lamination, etc

Excellent agent guarantee various resin compatibility

Very good surface appearance

Very good adaptability in moulds of complex shapes

Excellent property of die-cut

Excellent mechanical property

Very good adaptability in moulds of complex shapes 

Fast flow through

Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat
Specification Mass (g/m2) Binder Width (mm) Moisture Content (%)
CFM300 300+10% Polyester 500-3000 ≤0.20
CFM450 450+10% Polyester 500-3000 ≤0.20

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