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Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric-Triaxial

Triaxial Fabrics are knitted of E-glass roving which are uniformly distributed in tree-axis direction ( 0°/90°、±45° ) or are made into combo mat by chopped strands, which widely used in Boating and Wind Power, sporting appliance, aerospace( rocket、airplane), etc.


Excellent compatibility with EP

Without white yarn after consolidation

Outstanding compatible with mould

Excellent tensile strength

Fiberglass Multiaxial Fabric-Triaxial
Specification  Mass (g/m2)   Compatible Resin
0° Roving Direction 90° Roving Direction +45° Roving Direction -45° Roving Direction Chooped Strand
E-MT450 145 150 150 UP or EP
E-MT600 284 153 153 UP or EP
E-MT800 284 267 267 UP or EP
E-MT1200 567 301 301 UP or EP
E-MH450 314 68 68 UP or EP
E-MH750 341.5 202 202 UP or EP
E-MH1050 614 217 217 UP or EP
E-MH1200 390 401 401 UP or EP

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