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Basalt fiber Woven Fabric

Basalt fiber Woven Fabric is produced from high strength Basalt-fiber with special formula. It can be classified into plain fabric, twill fabric, satin weave fabric, which is mainly applied in copper clad laminate, fire-proof materials, building& bridge reinforcement, sport goods, core materials for composites etc.


High Temperature Resistance, anti-wear and anti-seismic property

Low weight and easiness to operate

High tensile strength and high modulus

Soft surface and easiness to cut

Excellent compatible with epoxy resin

Environment friendly and pollution-free

Basalt-fiber Woven Fabric
Spec. Mass(g/m2) Thickness(mm) Filamental Diamenter(µ) Woven Structure
BWP200 200 0.18 9 Plain
BWP700 700 0.53 13 Plain
BWP900 900 0.82 13 Plain
BWT350 350 0.25 13 Twill
BWT750 750 0.75 13 Twill

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